Bulldog Gold Grip Discs for Sale

3" Grip Discs

Hook and loop sanding discs with no holes are appropriate to use if you are sanding with high-speed power tools. Not only are the Bulldog Gold discs durable to withstand many purposes, but they also offer long-lasting, fast cuts. While applications vary depending on your job, the sanding discs are ideal for the following:

  • Automotive refinishing
  • Marine industry
  • Metal processing
  • Vehicle manufacturing
  • Wood processing

No hole grip discs for wood can create a smooth surface whether it’s for a flat or profile area. If you are using the no hole grip discs for metal, the durability of the aluminum oxide grain will help maintain the sandpaper’s properties. Unlike others on the market, Bulldog Gold discs will not wear after several uses — ensuring you can get the job done. 

Trust Mirka Gold Grip Discs for Quality Sanding Results

When you expect optimal sanding results, you can rely on the discs’ semi-open grit bonding and stearate coating. It not only prevents clogging and pilling, but the anti-load stearate increases the sandpaper’s life. Often used for heavy stock removal and finishing, it has high-strength resin bonding. The bonding helps with extra grain support.

Made with an aluminum oxide grain, the no hole grip discs for auto work are ideal for repainting. With proprietary backing, it’s seen as a stronger product than competitive brands and has better wear ability and edge-wear because of its C-paper backing.

When choosing the right sanding disc, you will want to invest in a brand that holds tight to your sander. You will also want to consider the grit range. The heavier the grit, the more material it’s going to remove at a faster pace, especially when you add pressure. You often use fine grit sand discs if you are performing touchups and thicker for rough cuts.

At National Abrasives, Inc., we supply the following Bulldog Gold grip discs.

  • Bulldog Gold 3-inch grip discs
  • Bulldog Gold 5-inch grip discs
  • Bulldog Gold 6-inch grip discs

With the self-adhesive 5-inch PSA sanding discs, you won’t have to worry about the sandpaper slipping off your orbital sander. Compared to later versions where you had to screw it onto your tool, the Mirka sand discs offer quick and simple removal and attachment. 

Rely on Mirka Gold Grip Discs From National Abrasives, Inc.

We are an authorized Mirka dealer ready to serve you with superior products whether you are on the job or working from home. We offer unique products for various industries involving sanding while also providing you with competitive pricing.

As such, we have a price match policy on all our Mirka products to help save you money on the products you need. As a family-owned and operated business, we remain competitive while also giving you more personal customer service.

Buy Bulldog Gold grip discs, and for orders more than $300, you will receive free shipping. Are you not sure it’s the right move? You can request free samples to make sure. Continue searching through our website to find what best suits your needs or contact us online for more information. For a more rapid response, call 717-697-6776 to speak with a National Abrasives, Inc. representative.