Mirka Bulldog Gold Hole Discs For Sale

5" PSA Discs 5 Hole

At National Abrasive, Inc. we sell the following hole discs to suit your requirements whether you are sanding wood or paint.

  • 6 inch 6 hole hook and loop sanding discs
  • 5 inch 5 hole hook and loop sanding discs
  • 5 inch 8 hole hook and loop sanding discs
  • 5-inch 8-hole dustless hook-and-loop sanding discs

You often use the discs with orbital sanders. They offer several benefits compared to the standard method of screwing discs to your machine. For example, the hook and loop sanding discs are much faster to change — you pull them off and replace with a new one. Before, you had to detach the discs with a screwdriver, but now you attach them with their Velcro back. It creates a faster process, saving you time. 

With Velcro, the Mirka Gold discs provide better reliability. They are not prone to failures compared to a screw-in disc which may tear a hole in the center, ripping the disc. The Bulldog discs stay secure in one position and don’t easily move. When choosing hook and loop sanding discs, you have the option to choose between several different holes.

Long-Lasting and Efficient

The Bulldog Gold discs from Mirka give you long-lasting and fast cuts. Made with anti-stearate, the discs have an increased life while also providing maximum resistance to clogging and loading. Design with a semi-open and uniform configuration, each of the hook and loop sanding discs produces even and consistent scratch patterns for a smooth finish.

A durable, aluminum oxide grain and high-strength resin bonding are ideal for finishing and heavy stock removal with superior grain support. And with proprietary backing, it makes the discs stronger than others on the market.

You can use the five, six or eight-hole discs for various tasks with different industries such as:

  • Automotive refinishing
  • Marine industry
  • Metal processing
  • Vehicle manufacturing
  • Wood processing

Hole discs prevent a buildup of dust and other particles while sanding. When you connect a vacuum to your orbital sander, it collects the residue from the surface in which you are sanding, creating a clean area and preventing excess dust. 

No Matter the Disc, Purchase From National Abrasives, Inc.

Whether you are searching for a five, six or eight-hole disc for sale, our unique products will accommodate various tasks and materials. Each comes in different grit ranges from 60-800G depending on how smooth you need your results. 

As an authorized Mirka dealership, National Abrasives, Inc. provides you with competitive pricing, including a price match policy on all our Mirka products. The program means you receive quality products that won’t break the bank. We remain a family-owned business, dedicated to supporting each of our clients. We even offer free samples upon request, and when you place an order of more than $300, you receive free shipping.

Continue browsing our selection of Mirka Bulldog Gold hole discs or buy what you need today! If you have further questions, you can contact us online or call 717-697-6776 to speak with one of our representative for more information.