Abrasive Pads for Polishing, Sanding and More

Have you discovered the many benefits of using abrasive pads for your metal finishing tasks? National Abrasives, Inc. offers a complete line of high-quality abrasive Merritt, Precision, and Superior square and cross abrasive pads for sanding, polishing and much more. We feature cross and square pads made from heavy-duty materials to ensure maximum performance and long product life. Pads are packed in boxes of 100 for your convenience.

Square Pads


Abrasive Cross Pads for Sale

Cross pads derive their name from the crossed pattern formed by the two separate overlapping pieces that comprise the pad. They offer the benefit of flexibility, making them ideally suited for applications such as deburring polishing and chamfering recesses, holes and cylinder walls, as well as close-tolerance polishing of smaller radii. We offer high-performing, durable, 8-ply abrasive cross pads for sale in three different sizes and in grits of 60, 80 and 120G. Grit refers to the number of abrasive particles per square inch that are attached to the surface of the pad. Higher grit numbers indicate a larger concentration of particles, resulting in a smoother finish.

Abrasive Square Pads for Sale

Square-shaped abrasive pads are the better choice for fast-grind, blending or spotting on flat surfaces. They are also more effective than cross pads for sanding or polishing the corners on workpieces. As with cross pads, we offer Merritt, Precision and Superior square pads for sale in three sizes and in grit options of 60, 80 and 120G to meet the requirements of various metal finishing applications.

Cross and Square Pad Materials

In addition to grit and size, you should also consider the type of material when choosing the best pad for your applications. Available materials include:

  • Aluminum oxide: Aluminum oxide is a naturally occurring chemical compound consisting of aluminum and oxygen. Aluminum oxide’s hardness makes it an excellent abrasive material that provides the controlled aggressive needed for cool cutting applications.
  • Aluminum oxide blends: Various aluminum oxide blends are available for use when blending or deburring stainless steel or other hard-to-grind materials.

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