Abrasives for Stainless Steel Finishing

Despite its somewhat misleading moniker, stainless steel doesn’t necessarily remain stainless and free of imperfections forever. In most cases, your stainless steel parts will require regular care in order to ward off the destruction impact of corrosion. National Abrasives, Inc. is your one-stop headquarters for effective abrasives and other stainless steel finishing products that can prevent the formation of corrosion on various parts and equipment.

The Anatomy of Stainless Steel

Stainless steel is actually a low-carbon steel variation that includes a minimum of 10 percent chromium by weight. Depending on the grade, the specific stainless steel type may also include iron, nickel and/or manganese, which bond together to form a protective barrier. The chromium component reacts with atmospheric oxygen to form chromium oxide, creating a passive layer on the steel surface that offers excellent protection against corrosion.

However, if the passive layer is damaged or is unable to form due to a lack of adequate oxygen, it can lead to the formation of various types of corrosion including:

  • Pitting: Occurs when an oxygen-deficient atmosphere penetrates the passive layer in certain areas of the stainless steel surface and creates small pits.
  • Stress: Cracking caused by stress resulting from a combination of extreme heat or cold and an oxygen-deficient environment. The cracks tend to spread quickly, often resulting in total part failure.
  • Galvanic: Galvanic corrosion occurs when two dissimilar metals come in contact with one another, producing an electric current that speeds up the corrosive process in one metal and slows it down or stops it altogether in the other.
  • Chloride stress: This type of stress results in high-temperature environments involving cooling applications where bleach is used to eliminate bacteria. The chloride ions from the bleach can cause corrosion on stainless steel surfaces.

Our Selection of Abrasives for Finishing Stainless Steel

Knowing how to finish stainless steel with the use of the right abrasives can minimize the impact of corrosion and prolong the life of your products. Examples of our wide assortment of stainless steel finishing products include:

  • Ceramic Resin Fiber Discs: Ideal stainless steel finishing products for high-pressure applications; finishes the metal surface without causing discoloration.
  • Zirconia Resin Fiber Discs: An excellent choice for removing gates, risers, surface parting lines and other surface imperfections on high-grade stainless steel.
  • Mirka-Q-Silver Roll: Provides superior finish on stainless steel surfaces where fast, aggressive and efficient stock removal is required.
  • Sanding Belts: Our extensive inventory of sanding belts includes Dynafile belts featuring a precise blend of resins and minerals for your most challenging stainless steel surfaces.
  • Cartridge Rolls: You will find aluminum oxide cartridge rolls that work well for deburring stainless steel surfaces.

Take a Closer Look at Our Abrasives for Stainless Steel Finishing

Our abrasives for finishing stainless steel are available in various sizes and grits, making it easy to find the best product for your applications. Order your stainless steel finishing products easily and securely from our online store, and take advantage of free shipping for all orders exceeding $300.