If you are looking for the most efficient premium paper abrasive tool for your industry, you want Mirka Iridium®. Mirka Iridium Premium Paper Grip Discs are the preferable choice for a wide range of industries and functions, including automotive detailing, wood finishing and paint stripping.

The Importance of Quality Sanding Discs

Your sanding process will determine the perception of your finished product. No matter what is going on underneath, consumers will judge the quality of your work based on what they see. If your project is poorly sanded, it will have a poorly finished appearance, and potential customers will assume the overall quality is poor. This is a problem that can be easily avoided with a proper finishing technique, which starts with the right sanding discs.

You want discs that do the job well and are also fast and easy to use. You do not want your employees to have a complicated replacement process or struggle to get the discs to perform. You want them to have the best and easiest-to-use tools so that they can do the best job possible. That’s where Mirka Iridium discs come in.

Why Choose Mirka Iridium for Your Paper Grip Discs?

If increasing speed and efficiency without sacrificing quality is important to you when it comes to your abrasive technology, there really is no other choice than Mirka Iridium Premium Paper Grip Discs. Our abrasive discs are state-of-the-art, cutting with fewer steps to get you the smooth surface finish you are looking for fast.

Furthermore, you will appreciate the durability of our Mirka Iridium Premium Paper Grip Discs. They feature a new precision coating which practically repels dust, meaning the grains stay sharp, and your discs last longer. The multi-hole pattern makes dust extraction a snap.

Mirka Iridium Premium Paper Grip Discs are also versatile, usable on either softer or harder surfaces with the same great results.

National Abrasives, Inc. for Mirka Iridium Premium Paper Grip Discs in PA

Whenever you need superior coated and bonded abrasive products, cutting tool products or other finish improvement products for your business, contact National Abrasives, Inc. We are a local Pennsylvania company that is family owned and operated and has been in the abrasives business for over 20 years. We have chosen to become a Master Distributor of Mirka abrasive products because we only want the highest quality abrasive tools for our customers — and we know this is what Mirka provides.

Mirka Iridium Premium Paper Grip Discs are available in both 5” and 6” diameter sizes depending upon your needs. They consist of a ceramic/aluminum oxide grain with latex C-paper backing. They feature a grit range of 40-600. Once you try them, we’re confident that Mirka Iridium Premium Paper Grip Discs will be the only ones you ever use.


Order yours directly from National Abrasives, Inc. today! And if you like our Mirka Iridium Premium Paper Grip Discs, please take a look at our other high-quality Mirka products, or call us at 800.459.8008 to learn more now.


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