Cartridge Rolls For Abrasives

Cartridge rolls are ideal for fast cutting on irregular contours and other hard-to-reach areas on all ferrous materials. Cartridge rolls are spiral bands screw onto mandrels for use on a number of portable air and electric tools with a collet. Excellent for getting into hard to reach places, cartridge rolls are commonly used for porting holes and edge breaking in various metalworking applications.

1/4 x 1/8 Inch


Type of Cartridge Rolls

Cartridge rolls may feature a straight or tapered design and construction. They are made from a wide range of materials including:

  • Aluminum oxide: Aluminum oxide cartridge rolls are typically the best option for controlled, aggressive cutting on a wide range of metal materials. Certain types of aluminum oxide blends work well for deburring stainless steel and other materials that are not amenable to grinding applications.
  • Silicon carbide: Silicon carbide is a hard, crystalline blend of silicon and carbon. Silicon carbide cartridge rolls can effectively penetrate challenging metal materials, as well as softer such as plastics, titanium, rubber and various composites.


How Are Cartridge Rolls Used?

Abrasive cartridge rolls are placed onto a mandrel that is attached to an electric tool. The tool creates a rapid rotation, which enables the cartridge roll to produce the desired cutting action. Using a shrouded tool can significantly reduce the amount of dust produced during cutting. As the abrasive cartridge roll continues to wear with repeated use, additional wrapped layers are exposed to produce a fresh cutting edge.


Various Cartridge Abrasive Cartridge Roll Options

You will find abrasive cartridge rolls for sale in a wide range of sizes. Cartridge roll measurements include the length, diameter and the arbor hole, the latter indicating the size of the mandrels that are compatible with the roll. Mandrels are sold separately, so it is important to choose one that conforms to the size of your specific abrasive cartridge rolls. Another important factor is the cartridge roll’s maximum operating speed, which is measured in RPMs.

If you routinely purchase sanding or grinding materials for your business, then you are undoubtedly familiar with the term “grit.” Grit refers to the number of cutting particles per square inch that adhere to the surface of the material. Abrasive cartridge roll grits typically range from 60 to 320G. Higher grits contain a greater number of sharp particles and produce a smoother surface finish. Conversely, lower grits are better for applications requiring a coarse surface.


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