VSM & Sia Sanding Belts From National Abrasives

Do you need to improve the quality of the sanding belts you use in your metalworking or woodworking operations? National Abrasives, Inc. offers a wide selection of abrasive sanding belts for sale featuring top-quality materials from leading manufacturers such as VSM and Sia. Whether you use them for deburring, polishing, sanding, grinding, blending or finishing, you will find the right sanding belts for metal and wood applications at prices that are sure to fit your budget.

Surface Conditioning Belts

Our assortment of abrasive sanding belts for sale includes:

  • Surface conditioning belts: Surface conditioning belts can perform functions such as blending, grindline conditioning and achieving ornamental finishes with speed and efficiency. They are also designed to produce the desired result without gouging or otherwise damaging the metal surface. You can buy abrasive sanding belts online from National Abrasives, Inc. in six different sizes for surface conditioning applications ranging from coarse to very fine.
  • Cloth belts: A cloth belt is an excellent choice when working with softer metals as well as various softwoods and hardwoods. Cloth belts provide a uniform, even cutting action and minimize clogging. Our cloth belt selection includes aluminum oxide wide cloth sanding belts for wet and dry sanding applications. Belts are available in various grits, enabling you to achieve the desired sanding outcome with ease and consistency.
  • Narrow belts: We feature a wide selection of narrow ceramic sanding belts that provide an extremely aggressive cutting action and a faster rate of stock removal. Choose from various belt sizes and grits to meet your unique sanding applications.
  • Dynafile belts: Dynafile beltsoffer a precise combination of an assortment of minerals and resins, making them effective sanding belts for stainless steel, wood, metal and other challenging surfaces. We sell Dynafile belts in numerous sizes. A Dynafile variety pack is also available.
  • Wide belts – paper and cloth: If you need a wider belt, our selection of abrasive sanding belts for sale includes heavy paper belts. These belts are an excellent alternative for close-tolerance woodworking applications that require high-quality finishes. Wide paper belts also work well for veneered panel and sealer sanding projects. Cloth wide belts are a good option for general metalworking applications, as well as plate dimensioning, deburring, machining and slag grinding. Our inventory includes dozens of wide paper and cloth belts to meet virtually every belt sanding need.

National Abrasives, Inc. is a leading provider of Surface conditioning, Aluminium Oxide (A/O), and Ceramic belts. Custom sizes and grits are available to meet your needs for any job. VSM’s red engineered ceramic grain is the secret to its ability to provide users with a more aggressive cut and produce higher rates of stock removal than conventional coated abrasives.


Buy Abrasive Sanding Belts Online

National Abrasives, Inc., will help you find the perfect surface conditioning, A/O, ceramic belt for your unique application. Browse our extensive online abrasive sanding belt inventory to get access to useful product and pricing information. Once you have found the right abrasive sanding belts for sale, you can place your order quickly and securely at our convenient, user-friendly online store.

We understand that not every job requires the same belt, which is why we offer paid trials and in some cases FREE samples of VSM Ceramic belts.


Competitive Pricing and Free Shipping Available

National Abrasives, Inc. is a family-owned and operated company that believes in offering great products at fair prices. Take advantage of our competitive pricing on all of our abrasive products and supplies, along with free shipping for all purchase over $300. Free product samples are also available upon request.

Take a few minutes to explore our current selection of abrasive sanding belts for sale, and feel free to contact if you are unable to locate the right product for your needs.