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Does your business or manufacturing operation involve the processing of aluminum? If so, then it is likely that you rely on grinding for functions such as deburring and cleanup. You also probably understand the many challenges that can limit aluminum grinding efficiency. Using the right abrasive is essential for optimizing grinding results. Specifically, you need to choose the most appropriate aluminum grinding wheel for the task. Grinding wheels consist of an abrasive compound that performs the desired grinding/cutting action.

Best Abrasives for Aluminum

Aluminum is the most universal, widely found metal in the world, used in creating everything from appliances and food and beverage packaging to electronics. While often used in manufacturing facilities, aluminum poses a variety of challenges due to its low melting pointing. Handling and grinding becomes incredibly difficult, especially without the proper tools and accessories. The best way to avoid mishaps and damages to your equipment is by using the right type of aluminum abrasive — the best abrasives for aluminum are depressed-center wheels, fiber discs and flap discs. When used correctly, these products provide effective deburring or finishing results.

For the best finishes with aluminum abrasives, use light and even pressure to streamline the grinding process and maximize surface contact while reducing load.

Types of Grinding Wheels for Aluminum

When looking for the best abrasives for aluminum, you’ve got several varieties to choose from, depending on the type of aluminum materials you’re working with and the project you’re working on. Your most appropriate options regarding grinding wheels for aluminum include:

  • Fiber DiscsResin fiber discs typically feature a zirconia grain that provides a cool cutting process for aluminum repair and cleanup applications.
  • Cutoff WheelsCutoff wheels, also referred to as parting wheels, are thin, self-sharpening wheels commonly used for trimming and stock removal.
  • Depressed-Center WheelsDepressed-center wheels are similar to cutoff wheels, with the primary difference being the inclusion of a depressed center hub that enables the lock nut to recess. This allows them to take on more severe right-angle aluminum grinding applications.
  • Flap DiscsFlap discs contain three components: an abrasive cloth, a backing disc and an adhesive material for attaching the cloth to the disc. The main advantage of using flap discs is that they perform deburring and cleanup simultaneously, offering significant labor and cost savings.

National Abrasives, Inc. Can Providing the Best Surface Grinding Aluminum Product for Your Needs

At National Abrasives, Inc., we take great pride in offering the most effective abrasives for grinding aluminum at affordable prices. Our selection includes:

  • Bullard Cutoff WheelsCutoff wheels from Bullard Abrasives are designed to provide superior grinding performance and are known for their rugged durability. We offer Bullard cutoff wheels in a wide range of sizes to meet your specific aluminum grinding challenge.
  • Bullard Depressed-Center WheelsWe also offer depressed-center wheels from Bullard for your most challenging right-angle aluminum surface grinding applications. Industries that can benefit from Bullard depressed-center wheels include metal fabrication, pipe beveling, petrochemical maintenance and many others.
  • Flap DiscsYou will find a wide assortment of flap discs in grits ranging from 40 to 80G. These high-performing flap discs combine the most desirable attributes of fiber discs and depressed center wheels to provide a versatile, cost-effective solution for surface grinding aluminum.
  • Resin Fiber DiscsWe feature a large assortment of German-made resin fiber discs manufactured from premium materials including aluminum oxide, zirconia and ceramics –we recommend zirconia resin fiber abrasives for grinding aluminum. Grit options range from 36 to 80G.

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Enjoy the convenience of purchasing aluminum grinding wheels on a 24/7 basis. Our secure, user-friendly online store is always open for business! In addition to low aluminum grinding wheel prices, you also get the benefit of free shipping with orders greater than $300. And as a National Abrasives, Inc. customer, you will experience the best serve and support in the industry.

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