Mirka Abranet Abrasives



When the success of your metal or woodworking operation relies on maintaining optimal productivity, it pays to have the right sanding accessories to get the job done. Without top-quality abrasive rolls at your disposal, you run the risk of diminished results and costly issues related to clogging and pilling.

National Abrasives, Inc. only carries abrasive rolls capable of standing up to your toughest applications. Our Abranet and Q-Silver rolls for sale will last and perform in order to help improve productivity and reduce your cost of doing business.

Abranet Rolls for Sale

If you’re tired of working with conventional abrasives that let you down when the going gets tough, National Abrasives, Inc. offers a better solution. Mirka abrasive rolls provide a heavy-duty alternative that’s built to deliver exceptional performance in the most challenging sanding environments.

Abranet sanding rolls excel in vacuum-assisted sanding and any application that requires high stock removal. Our Abranet rolls provide multiple advantages, including:

·         Superior topcoat finishing

·         Exceptional versatility and sanding efficiency

·         Fewer issues related to clogging and pilling

·         Nearly dust-free sanding process

·         Availability in a variety of sizes and grits ranging from 80 to 400G 


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