Mirka Bulldog Gold PSA Discs For Sale

5" PSA Discs

Mirka Gold’s pressure sensitive adhesive discs, or PSA discs, mean you press on the sand disc to attach it to the plate of your orbital sander. The disc won’t slide or fly off, but it remains simple to remove. If you are considering hook and loop discs vs. PSA discs, here is a quick version of what you need to know when choosing.

Hook and loop discs are re-usable as you can work down to the grits without having to throw away almost new sandpaper. But, PSA discs are often less expensive, allowing you to maximize your expenses by purchasing discs for every grit you need.

Types of Mirka Gold PSA Discs You’ll Find at National Abrasives, Inc.

Mirka Gold sanding discs with PSA backs are ideal for finishing along with heavy stock removal. They are your go-to for woodworking projects, and with a semi-open coating, it creates a consistent scratch pattern. The discs have latex backs and resin-over-resin progressive bonding. To prevent clogging and pilling, Mirka discs have a proprietary stearate coat that can outlast others on the market.

At National Abrasives, Inc. we supply PSA discs such as:

  • Mirka Gold 5-inch PSA discs
  • Mirka Gold 6-inch PSA discs
  • Mirka Gold 8-inch PSA discs

With aluminum oxide grain and grits ranging between P80 and P320, the Gold sanding discs with no holes are good if you are using power tools at high speeds, and they are also ideal for the following applications:

  • Automotive refinishing
  • Marine industry
  • Metal processing
  • Vehicle manufacturing
  • Wood processing

PSA discs offer many benefits and are durable to withstand the many uses within different businesses. Whether you are a woodworker, installer or custom shop owner, PSA discs will prove to be reliable, especially if you demand different discs with varying ranges of grit. Anywhere from 36G to 600G and higher, National Abrasives, Inc. will have what you need.

Rely on Mirka PSA Discs for All Your Sanding Requirements

Deciding between PSA discs and hook and loop discs may be difficult, but it all depends on your own preference. While hook and loop discs are re-usable, PSA discs provide easier applications and help you purchase several grit numbers at a time. It gives you an excellent opportunity to choose lower grits for touchups and higher grits for rough cuts.

As an authorized Mirka dealer, National Abrasives, Inc. supplies unique products for a variety of industries. We remain family-owned and operated, helping you find the right sanding solutions with superior customer support. If you are unsure whether our Mirka products are right for your job, you can request free samples to get a better idea.

Order more than $300 worth of our Mirka Gold sanding discs — whether you need five, six or eight-inch PSA discs — and receive free shipping. With our competitive prices, we also have a price match policy. Buy today or contact us online for more information. You can also call 717-697-6776 to speak with a professional representative.