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sia Abrasives provides perfect abrasive solutions for a perfect finish in the Automotive, Wood, Metal and Composites application areas. sia Abrasives offers over 60,000 abrasive products in a variety of abrasive formats, sizes and specifications for all materials, applications and requirements.

As a world-leading manufacturer of high-quality abrasives with 135 years of expertise and unrivalled innovativeness, sia and National Abrasives, Inc. can offer one of the most comprehensive ranges of products incorporating solutions for perfect surface finish. A proud member of the extensive network of sia Abrasives distributors, we are also your abrasives specialists. We have the necessary industrial expertise to help you choose the right sia Abrasives products for your needs. We know the process steps of our customers and can offer the right sanding solution for any material.




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Over 60,000 abrasive products in a variety of abrasive formats, sizes and specifications for all materials, applications and requirements.   

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National Abrasives, Inc. is your one-stop resource for sia Abrasives products in the following categories:

  • Coated Abrasives: As one of the world’s leading producers of coated abrasives, sia can provide a versatile abrasive solution that meets your company’s unique requirements. sia coated abrasives are the result of painstaking research and development, combined with an unwavering passion for quality, precision and perfection. sia coated abrasive options include flexible backed abrasives for everything from surface preparation to finishing of a wide variety of materials. You will find the perfect product for delivering superior wet sanding results, high-speed sanding applications and more.


  • Nonwoven Abrasives: Nonwoven abrasives offer a number of important advantages over traditional abrasive materials including the ability to adapt to contours, more even grit distribution throughout the material, reduced susceptibility to clogging and the flexibility to use wet, dry, or with various grinding fluids. sia nonwoven abrasive products include 3-dimensional sanding products featuring nonwoven abrasives, as well as 2-dimensional products with scm abrasives. Both offer the same basic structure; the primary difference lies in the fiber strength and the type of application. All products include high-performance fiber coatings that maximize sanding results.


  • Foam Abrasives: Foam abrasives offer an ideal solution for removing materials on profiled surfaces and hard-to-reach areas. Sanding with foam abrasives also ensures a smooth, even finish that is essential for surface preparation for painting and varnishing. Foam abrasives enable a three-dimensional pressure application that provides the perfect finish with low scratch depth, so the abrasive grit will not cut into the surface as deeply and is less likely to break off during sanding, while also resulting in less material removal. In short, foam abrasives offer the advantages of maximum conformability and optimal pressure equalization for superior sanding results.


  • Bonded Abrasives: sia bonded abrasives are manufactured to the highest quality and performance standards. The exact abrasive performance will depend on the individual product specifications. Abrasive discs are available in various grit types including aluminum oxide, silicon carbide and a combination of aluminum oxide and zirconia alumina. Grit size options range from 16 (very coarse) to 100 (very fine). You can also select from a number of disc formats including straight cutting, depressed-center cutting, depressed-center grinding and semi-flexible grinding. Multiple disc dimensions are also available.


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sia Abrasives and National Abrasives has abrasive solutions for all you needs. As a full-fledged sia Abrasives online distributor, you can turn to us for 24/7 access to an extensive selection of sia Abrasives products including discs, sanding belts, hand pads, polishing systems and more. You can place orders safely and securely from our user-friendly online store at your convenience.

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