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With more than 150 years of industry experience and design innovation, few manufacturers know abrasives like VSM. Its product line includes over 200 high performance coated abrasive products for the commercial and trade sector that are used for sanding and grinding in a broad range of applications. Whether your work requires flat surface grinding, cylindrical grinding or off-hand grinding and hand-held machines, a VSM product delivers the reliability and performance you’ve come to expert from quality German manufacturing.

Additional advantages of investing in VSM products include:

  • Impeccable surface quality – VSM continually pushes to develop products that deliver near perfect results in grinding and finishing applications.
  • Fast removal rates – The ability to work faster and safer with greater precision goes a long way in maximizing operational efficiency.
  • Extended peak performance – VSM sets the standard in manufacturing abrasive products that deliver consistent performance over an extended service life.



A Leading Source for VSM Sanding Belts Online

Whether you require a belt for deburring, grinding and sanding or polishing, blending and finishing, you’re sure to find the right fit within our extensive selection of VSM products. You get the high-end performance, versatility and durability of a first-rate product at a competitive price that benefits your bottom line.

Our inventory includes surface conditioning belts, cloth belts, narrow belts, dynafile belts and wide belts in paper and cloth backings used for applications including:

  • General metalworking, veneered panel and sealer sanding
  • Blending, grindline conditioning and precision ornamental finishes
  • Uniform, even cutting with minimal clogging working with softer metals and woods
  • Aggressive cutting and sanding for fast rate stock removal
  • Sanding for stainless steel, wood, hard metal and other difficult materials
  • Close-tolerance woodworking requiring high-quality finishes

 VSM coated abrasives are used in a wide range of metal grinding and wood finishing applications in industrial operations located around the world. With more than 140 years of experience, VSM is known for being a pioneer in the designing, engineering and manufacturing of innovative abrasive products that continue to meet the ever-changing requirements of its global customer base. VSM’s ability to react quickly to market trends ensures the company always remains one step ahead of the competition.


Customization Is a Key Benefit of VSM Products

VSM’s state-of-the-art conversion facilities enable the company to provide customized products that meet your specific requirements. VSM belts are available in a variety of cloth and paper options in numerous sizes and grits. The VSM product line also includes a huge assortment of cloth and paper discs.

In addition to metalworking and woodworking, VSM products encompass application solutions such as glass, rubber, plastics, brick, stone and ceramics.


National Abrasives Inc. Is Proud to Be a Full-Service VSM Supplier

As an authorized VSM abrasives distributor, National Abrasives, Inc. carries an extensive inventory of VSM sandpaper products and other finishing solutions. We’re your headquarters for VSM custom belts that can be tailored to your specific manufacturing or finishing processes. Just contact one of our friendly and knowledgeable customer service representatives to order the right VSM product for your needs.


Why Choose National Abrasives, Inc. as Your VSM Supplier?

National Abrasives, Inc. offers VSM abrasives at extremely affordable prices. Free shipping is also available when meeting minimum purchase requirements.

What sets us apart from other VSM abrasives distributors is our sincere commitment to customer service. We’re a family owned and operated company that is always willing to go above and beyond for our customers, whether you need assistance with product selection or have questions about ordering, shipping or billing.


Learn More About Our Customized VSM Abrasives Solutions

If you’d like to learn more about the many benefits VSM products can provide to your business, give one of our customer service representatives a call today. We also offer a user-friendly online chat feature for your convenience. Shop VSM Belts now!


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National Abrasives, Inc. is your one-stop shop for VSM belts for sale online. We’re a family owned and operated company that puts your needs first by offering exceptional customer service, free shipping on qualified orders, free samples and a lot more. Contact us today for assistance placing an order for the sanding belts suited to your needs.