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We are a leading provider of Narrow Belts.  Custom sizes and grits are available to meet your needs for any job. Engineered ceramic grain is the secret to its ability to provide users with a more aggressive cut and produce higher rates of stock removal than conventional coated abrasives. We offer belts in the following sizes 1.5" x 60", 2" x 48", 2" x 60",  2" x 72", 2" x 132", 3" x 132", 4" x 132" and in grits of 36, 40, 50, 60, 80, and 100+.  Contact us for availability and pricing. , 

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National Abrasives, Inc., will help you find the perfect ceramic belt for your unique application.  We understand that not every job requires the same belt, which is why we offer paid trials and in some cases FREE samples of Narrow belts. 

24 Grit