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Metabo 4.5" Angle Grinder $159.33 each Free Shipping on Orders $300+ W9-115 Q
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Metabo 7" Angle Grinder $279.33 each Free Shipping on Orders $300+ W24-180
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Metabo 4.5"/5" Flat Head Angle Grinder $306.00 each Free Shipping on Orders $300+ WEF9125
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Benefits of Angle Grinders

When the work you do calls for cutting, grinding, polishing and repairing a variety of materials, the strength, and versatility of a quality angle grinder is among the most indispensable tools at your disposal. National Abrasives, Inc. carries a variety of angle grinders from leading manufacturers. These angle grinders are capable of delivering the safe and reliable performance you require at a price that makes sense to your bottom line.

A Closer Look at Angle Grinders

An angle grinder is an electric handheld tool consisting of two primary components: a spinning wheel and the broad, sturdy handle it’s attached to. Available in a variety of configurations, angle grinders are used in metal fabricating, polishing and finishing, cleaning, repairs and many other applications. Because of the stress that’s inherent in this type of work and the demands put on fast moving parts and powerful electronics, choosing a quality angle grinder is crucial to consistently and efficiently producing professional quality results.

When purchasing an angle grinder, it’s important to consider what size, spin speeds and specialized features are best suited for your applications and types of materials you’re working with. There are angle grinders designed for everything from grinding, cutting and notching aluminum, hard metals, concrete steel and cast iron to polishing and smoothing stainless steel and non-ferrous metallic surfaces. Angle grinders typically come in 4.5, 5, 6 and 7-inch diameters with thicknesses ranging from ¼ to 5/32 inches.

Additional features to look for in a quality angle grinder include:

·         Quick, tool-less wheel change systems to optimize on-the-job versatility

·         Long wheel life for sustained peak performance and lower operating costs

·         Vibration damping handles that reduce operator fatigue

·         Fast removal rates for getting more done in less time

About National Abrasives, Inc.

National Abrasives, Inc. is a family owned and operated business committed to providing quality solutions at an affordable price. We offer free shipping with minimum purchase, free samples and expert assistance in choosing the right products. Shop our online selection and get in touch for additional information on angle grinders and to place your order today!