Weld Cleaners

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Uses of Weld Cleaners

Whether you operate a repair shop or work in metal fabrication, you understand how costly and time consuming it can be to achieve a smooth, blemish-free finish on welded stainless steel. As a leading online source of products for the metal working, ceramics and wood working industries, National Abrasives, Inc. offers a complete range of weld cleaners that delivers a more efficient way to deal with heat tint on all types of stainless steel. Our friendly and knowledgeable service representatives will be happy to assist in analyzing your needs to identify the competitively priced weld cleaners we have for sale suited to your requirements.

Advantages of Using Weld Cleaners

Weld cleaners use precision technology to remove weld burns and clear marks and discoloration without altering the surface of the parent material. This innovative equipment promotes the formation of a durable chromium oxide passive layer on stainless steel that’s smooth to the touch, uniform and protects from rust and corrosion. The process is not only less expensive than other conventional ways to clean stainless steel, but it’s also safer and more eco-friendly as it eliminates the use of potentially hazardous chemicals and pickling pastes.

The weld cleaners for sale in our inventory are easy use with guaranteed passivation. Our selection includes compact and lightweight units for on-site cleaning of welds, marks, polish and etchings, medium range models for everyday weld cleaning and marking capabilities as well as units capable of heavy-duty polishing, etching and cleaning MIG, TIG and spot welds. Cleaners are compatible with accessories such as brushes, etching wands, boots and pads and work with a range of specialized cleaning solutions.

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National Abrasives, Inc. offers competitive pricing and fast shipping on a wide variety of weld cleaners. We’re a family owned and operated company that prides itself on delivering quality solutions backed by excellent customer service. Contact us today to request a free sample and product quote.