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Abrasive sanding/grinding discs perform important functions such as removing stock, blending, polishing, finishing and surface preparation on metal parts. Abrasive discs for metal applications contain rough grains affixed to paper, cloth, fiber or other form of backing material. The discs are mounted onto a grinder, sander or similar tool to perform the desired task.


Abrasive Disc Materials

While abrasive discs for metal applications are sometimes referred to as sandpaper, they are actually produced from a variety of materials:

  • Aluminum oxide: Aluminum oxide offers a combination of hardness, strength and affordability, making it a popular choice for many metal sanding and grinding applications. Other valuable aluminum oxide characteristics include low heat retention and low specific heat.
  • Silicon carbide: Silicon carbide is harder than aluminum oxide and provides excellent durability at a relatively low cost. Silicon carbide is often the preferred choice when working with non-ferrous metals such as aluminum, brass and titanium. However, silicon carbide discs do not work well when sanding or grinding steel or other ferrous metals.
  • Super-abrasive discs: Abrasive discs made from diamonds or cubic boron nitride (CBN) provide the extra hardness required for more demanding sanding and grinding applications. While diamonds are slightly harder, CBN is the better option when working with ferrous metals.

Other common abrasive disc materials include garnet, ceramic, cubirton, aluminum-zirconia and tungsten carbide.

Abrasive Disc Backing

There are also multiple options available when choosing the backing material for abrasive discs. Paper is the least expensive backing material, but isn’t known for its durability. A cloth backing, which often consists of cotton, is the better choice for more aggressive metal grinding or sanding applications. Fiber backings, which may consist of cellulose fibers or treated cotton, are typically tougher than cloth backings, although the fiber material tends to curl when working in humid conditions. Backings containing various combinations of these materials are also available.

Other Key Abrasive Disc Characteristics

Whether you buy abrasive discs online or in person, you will need to consider a number of additional product features when making your selection:

  • Size: Abrasive discs for metal sanding and grinding applications are typically available in diameters ranging from 2” to 20”.
  • Grit:  An abrasive disc’s grit size refers to the number of sharp particles per square inch on the material. Larger grit sizes have more sharp edges and will produce a smoother surface when sanding. Materials featuring smaller grit sizes are coarser, making them better for heavy sanding and stripping applications.
  • Dust Repellence:Certain sanding and grinding applications produce high volumes of dust. You can buy discs containing thousands of small holes that enable the material to act as a dust-repellent vacuum.
  • Pattern: Different types of discs can produce different sanding patterns. Discs made from high-quality materials typically create a more even, uniform sanding pattern than those of lesser quality.
  • Center Holes: Some sanding/grinding machines contain mandrels that require the use of abrasive discs containing holes in the center. Discs are also available without center holes.

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