Flap Wheels and Flap Discs for Sale

Flap wheels and flap discs perform a wide range of metal finishing applications such as grinding, deburring, sanding and blending. Unlike flat discs that are produced from circular-shaped flat sheets of coated abrasives, flap wheels and discs consist of overlapping flaps of material that strike the workpiece at various angles. This results in a more even, uniform distribution of abrasive wear across the flaps. The wheel or disc continues to perform the desired action even after the flaps begin to erode.

Sanding Flap Wheels


Flap Discs

Flap discs consist of a backing plate, an adhesive material and abrasive flaps. Primarily used for right angle grinding applications including surface blending, heavy stock removal, edge beveling, rust removal and weld blending, flap discs are available in multiple sizes, shapes, grits and backing materials. Factors to consider when choosing the right flap discs for your needs include:

  • Shape: Flap discs come in two basic shapes: flat and conical. The flatter version, known as Type 27, is primarily used for blending and smoothing finishing applications on flat surfaces. Conical-shaped flap discs, referred to as Type 29, contain angled flaps designed for heavy stock removal on contoured and edge work.
  • Backing Material: The flap disc’s backing plate provides stability during operation. Standard backing plate materials include:
    • Fiberglass: Offers the ideal combination of superior strength and light weight
    • Plastic: Considered the best choice for blending and finishing applications
    • Aluminum: Used in applications requiring additional strength and support
  • Density: Density refers to the quantity, angle and spacing of the flaps on the backing plate. Standard density flaps enable heavy-duty stock removal and faster stock removal, while high-density flaps provide better performance on uneven surfaces
  • Grit: The grit is the actual abrasive material on the surface of the disc. Available grit materials include ceramic alumina, which contains extremely sharp cutting edges for a faster cut, zirconia alumina, which is a combination of zirconia and aluminum oxide that is the best choice for carbon/mild steel applications, and aluminum oxide, which is preferred grit for smaller applications.

Grits are available in a wide range of sizes — higher grit sizes contain more sharp particles and will provide a smoother finish.

Flap Wheels

Flap wheels tend to be wider than flap discs and typically include mounted steel shanks or threads. The flaps are designed to wear away during operation, constantly exposing fresh abrasive material. As with flap discs, flap wheels come in a wide range of materials, sizes, and grits. Standard materials include ceramic alumina, aluminum oxide and various aluminum oxide blends.

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