Flap Discs for Sanding

Flap discs consist of a backing plate, an adhesive material and abrasive flaps. Primarily used for right angle grinding applications including surface blending, heavy stock removal, edge beveling, rust removal and weld blending, flap discs are available in multiple sizes, shapes, grits and backing materials. Browse our online selection today! 

4 Inch Flap Discs


Flap Discs for Aluminum

When you’re searching for ways to efficiently tackle a wide variety of surface grinding of aluminum applications, flap discs often provide an economical solution. These strong and versatie grinding discs are commonly used with right angle tools in everything from surface blending and edge beveling to heavy stock removal, rust removal and weld blending. National Abrasives, Inc. understands the role safe and reliable flap discs play in producing quality work, and we offer a complete selection in stock from leading manufacturers to meet your requirements.


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Innovatively Designed Flap Discs

A flap disc is created using three basic components — a backing plate, an adhesive material and a series of abrasive flaps. What distinguishes flap discs from other abrasive wheels and discs used in grinding and cutting aluminum is rather than being a circular-shaped flat sheet of coated abrasives, it features overlapping flaps capable of producing a more even and consistent abrasive wear on a larger surface area. Variables when choosing the right flap discs for grinding, deburring, sanding and blending include shape, backing material, density and grit.

The unique design of flap discs lends itself primarily to right angle grinding applications, providing exceptionally uniform grinding results even as the flaps begin to erode with long-term use. The fact flap discs are capable of deburring and finish-cleaning surfaces while simultaneously offering the added benefit of reduced production and labor costs. Types of backing materials include fiberglass, aluminum and plastic depending on your needs.

Flap discs can be specifically configured for:

·         Blending and smoothing finishing work on flat surfaces

·         Heavy stock removal on contoured and edge work

·         Precision performance on smooth or uneven surfaces

·         Fast cutting on carbon and mild steel materials


About National Abrasives, Inc.

National Abrasives, Inc. is a family owned and operated company providing competitive prices and fast shipping on high-quality flap discs. Get in touch with us for more information on our selection of products, bulk ordering discounts and to request a free sample. We’ll be happy to assist you in selecting the right products and placing your order today. 

5 x 7/8" 40G Walter Enduro Flex Flap Disc $7.70 each Free Shipping on Orders $300+ 15-R504
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