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6" Crimped Bench Wheel Qty.1 $19.94 each Free Shipping on Orders $300+ 23500
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6" Crimped Bench Wheel Qty.1 $19.94 each Free Shipping on Orders $300+ 23550
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3" Crimped Wire Cup Brush Qty.1 $9.39 each Free Shipping on Orders $300+ 73000
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4" Crimped Wire Cup Brush, w/Protective Guard Qty.1 $14.90 each Free Shipping on Orders $300+ 64950
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2-1/2" Stem-Mounted Crimped Wire Wheel Qty.12 $76.05 each Free Shipping on Orders $300+ 95500
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3" Stem-Mounted Crimped Wire Wheel Qty.12 $81.75 each Free Shipping on Orders $300+ 95600
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Uses of Crimped Wire Brushes

When your work involves surface treatment in industrial operations, a high-quality crimped wire brush can provide a cost-effective way to improve results and efficiency. Used in everything from cleaning and deburring to edge blending, polishing and surface finishing, crimp wire brushes come in a variety of configurations to meet your application requirements. As a leading source of products for the metal, wood and ceramic working industries, National Abrasives, Inc. offers one of the most extensive selections of crimped wire brushes for sale online to meet your needs.

Choosing the Right Crimped Wire Brushes

Crimped wire brushes are used for heavy-duty material removal and deburring. They are also ideal for removing rust, paint, scale and dirt as well as treating metallic, rubber, plastic, wood and glass surfaces. It’s also a versatile tool for cleaning mold, dust and dirt around castings as well as deep inner hole cleaning and weld cleaning. Quality wire brushes are made of rugged and dependable materials such as stainless steel, carbon steel and brass, providing flexible brushing and consistent performance in standard, heavy-duty and super-duty applications.

Types of crimped wire brushes typically available include wheel configurations such as narrow- to wide-face bench wire wheel, wire cup brush and stem-mounted crimped wire wheel. We carry wire brushes in a range of diameters with varying filament and gage sizes to suit your specific requirements. Crimped wire brushes are adaptable for use with many different types of equipment including straight grinders and stationary machines.

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