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Mirka Power Sanders: A Brief Overview

National Abrasives, Inc. is proud to offer Mirka-brand power sander products. Mirka power sanders are well-renowned throughout the abrasive industry for their durability, resilience and strength.

If you’re looking at purchasing a power sander for your business or project but don’t have a lot of experience using these tools, National Abrasives, Inc. can help. Let’s take a quick look at a few basic elements of power sanders to learn more about which would work best for you.

How Do Power Sanders Work?

You are likely familiar with the basic hand sander. Cut off a piece of sandpaper, secure it to a block or sanding tool, and take your time scraping away at a surface of your choice.

Power sanders make it easier for you to complete a sanding project by significantly reducing the amount of human effort required to complete the task. Two of the most common ways they achieve this are through electric and pneumatic energy.

What’s the Difference Between Pneumatic vs Electric Sanders?

Pneumatic sanders use compressed air, while electric sanders use electricity. If you’re wondering about the advantages of pneumatic vs. electric power sanders, generally, pneumatic sanders are more powerful and can complete a project more quickly.

They are also typically lighter and quieter but require an air compressor and often don’t include dust collection. Pneumatic sanders are often more affordable than electric sanders if you already have a compressed air system.

However, electric sanders are easier to transport than their pneumatic counterparts — there’s no need to lug around an air compressor. Simply attach a battery or plug an electric sander into the wall, and you’re ready to go.

Electric sanders are also available with triangle pads, helping you sand tight corners and details. Many are vacuum-ready for efficient dust collection.

Types of Power Sanders

Whether you’ve chosen a pneumatic or electric-powered sander, it helps to know what kind of specific sanding tool works best for your project.

  • Belt sanders: These tools use sandpaper that rotates around a belt. These sanders are best used for heavy-duty jobs. Hand-held options work for large, immovable things like hardwood floors. With a stationary or bench belt sander, you bring the object to the sander rather than the other way around. It can be easy to create scratches if you sand against the grain and easy to develop dips if you sand in the same area too long.
  • Rotary sanders: Also called disk sanders, rotary sanders spin a wheel-shaped disc of sandpaper in a circular motion. Some attach to standard drills. These sanders are unsuitable for flat surfaces because they are often difficult to control and can easily create gouges or swirls. Instead, they work best for rough finishing, such as sanding peeling paint off furniture.
  • Orbital sanders: Orbital sanders rotate the attached sandpaper in an orbital motion. Rather than spinning, the whole sanding surface moves in small circles, allowing you to sand in every direction. Compared to rotary sanders, they are less likely to damage flat surfaces or wood due to the orbital motion. Orbital sanders are very versatile. Depending on the sandpaper used, they work on general projects from rough to finishing.
  • Random orbital sanders: These tools are similar to orbital sanders but pair the motion of an orbital sander with the spin of a rotary sander. Many sanders today are random orbital sanders since these sanders are less likely to leave swirls or other noticeable sanding marks on the surface.
  • Dual action sanders: These sanders also combine orbital and rotary motions but use forced motion rather than rotational momentum. These sanders have a steadier pattern but generate more heat, meaning it’s easier to burn your project.
  • Finishing sanders: Also called palm sanders, finishing sanders typically use orbital motion. They are made to be the last step in sanding and are the least likely to leave marks on the surface. This makes them suitable for touch-ups but not for heavy-duty sanding.

Safety When Using Power Sanders

Power sanders present a series of safety risks you’ll want to prepare yourself for. First, make sure to outfit yourself with a dust mask. Sanding distributes a great deal of particulate matter that can irritate or severely damage your respiratory system.

We strongly recommend pairing your dust mask with safety goggles, as this particulate matter can also cause eye injuries.

Finally, equip yourself with a pair of heavy-duty construction gloves. These will help you better grip your power sander and protect your hands from being hurt by any flying debris.

Featured Sanders at National Abrasives

We feature electric and pneumatic Mirka sanders for sale, which are compact, lightweight sanding machines that provide the power you need to maintain a constant speed while offering an ergonomic design that provides superior operator comfort and maneuverability. Mirka electric sanders are remarkably quiet, cost-effective and easy to maintain. The integrated vibration sensor and Bluetooth connectivity allow you to view vibration levels on the myMirka app and track your daily exposure to vibrations.

From 5-inch Mirka DEROS electric sanders to pneumatic self-generating vacuum sanders, we have what you need!

Mirka Electric Random Orbital Sanders

Mirka offers three types of random orbital sanders. The DEROS series has round pads in 3-inch, 5-inch and 6-inch diameters. The DEOS series features rectangular pads ideal for getting into corners. Choose from 3-by-4-inch, 3-by-5-inch or 3-by-8-inch pads. The DEOS DELTA sander is triangular, 4 inches across the bottom and 6 inches along each side.

Mirka LEROS System

This electric random orbital sanding system is specifically designed for sanding drywall. The LEROS sander features 9-inch sanding discs to cover a large area at once. It’s central vac ready, or you can add the separate HEPA dust extractor.

Mirka Pneumatic Orbital Sanders

We also offer Mirka pneumatic sanders, including self-generating vacuum sanders. Mirka pneumatic orbital sanders are available in several configurations. Choose from round pads in 3-inch, 5-inch and 6-inch diameters or 3-by-4-inch rectangular pads. We have models that have no vacuum, are vacuum-ready or self-generate a vacuum. Self-generating vacuum sanders can attach to a central vac system or be used with the included dust bag.

Your Source for Quality Mirka Power Sanders

Make National Abrasives, Inc. your source for all power sanding solutions. We are a family-owned and operated company headquartered in central Pennsylvania. We have provided industry-leading products and caring customer service for over 20 years. We offer a wide range of Mirka power sander products sure to fit your budget and meet your project’s needs.

Contact us online or at 800-459-8008 to speak with a friendly, knowledgeable member of our team.

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