Mirka DEROS Electric Sanders

Mirka is a world leader in abrasive technology, offering a diverse range of high-quality sanders and sanding systems. Mirka offers DEROS sanders, a leading line of electric sanders designed to be versatile to fit your needs. The brushless electric motor is designed to be powerful enough to maintain a constant speed under load while being virtually silent in operation.

Purchase ANY Mirka 3”, 5” or 6” diameter sander and receive: 

  • TWO boxes of Abranet ACE for FREE

  • Mirka yellow Tool Case

To take advantage of this offer, buy any 3”, 5” or 6” diameter sander from National Abrasives and complete this form: http://dustfreeperfection.us/toolspromo.html

Mirka 5" DEROS 550X CV 125mm Vacuum Orbit 5.0 With Case $595.00 each Free Shipping on Orders $300+ MID55020CAUS
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Mirka 6" DEROS 625X CV 150mm Vacuum Orbit 2.5 Case $595.00 each Free Shipping on Orders $300+ MID62520CAUS
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Mirka 6" DEROS 650X CV 150mm Vacuum Orbit with Case $595.00 each Free Shipping on Orders $300+ MID65020CAUS
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Mirka 5" DEROS SP 550CV 125mm Spherical Orbit 5.0 $595.00 each Free Shipping on Orders $300+ MID5504011US
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Buy Electric Sanders Online at National Abrasives, Inc.

Having a strong, reliable collection of high quality electric sanders is a necessity for anyone who works with wood — from the novice to the seasoned professional. Even if you’re simply working around the house from time to time, you’ll want to use a sander that brings a high quality finish to every project you undertake. And if you’re a contractor, electric sanders help you stay on schedule, so you can finish jobs quickly without compromising on the quality of the finished project.

From random orbit sanders to finishing sanders to belt sanders, there’s no shortage of tools you can use to polish wood when you shop at National Abrasives, Inc. Let’s take a look at some of them:

  • Belt sanders — Perfect for smoothing out the largest surfaces, belt sanders are preferred by many woodworkers who need to get a lot of material off a surface quickly. While this type of functionality is necessary for many jobs, it’s important to remember the power of the tool – you don’t want to take off more than you have in mind. Proper use of a belt sander also includes keeping it flat. A tool with variable speed settings can even help you slow the speed down from time to time, making it less likely that you’ll scratch your project.
  • Finishing sanders —  Many carpenters turn to finishing sanders to put the final touches on all kinds of jobs. Unlike belt sanders, finishing sanders remove material slowly. While this is great for the quality of your projects, it will take you longer to finish projects. Finishing sanders come in all sizes, and many woodworkers use these tools to sand corners and edges. The abrasive also stays in one place on these tools, so move swiftly.
  • Random orbit sanders — Because of the tool’s design, the abrasive on a random orbit sander will not travel the same path, which essentially eliminates swirl marks altogether. Like the belt sander, random orbit sanders can remove material from surfaces quickly, while also bringing the level of detail the finishing sander is known for. Look for random orbit sanders that offer variable speed settings for more flexibility.


Personalized Customer Service and Affordable Prices  

As a family-owned business, National Abrasives, Inc. has built our reputation on providing customers the highest quality abrasives and sanding equipment at extremely competitive prices. Our virtual storefront is open 24 hours a day, so you can find the tools you need to get the job done.

If you’re looking for electric sanders online, our knowledgeable staff can answer your questions and help you find the tools you need to get the job done best. We pride ourselves on offering personalized customer service that can’t be beat. In addition to a staff that will make you feel right at home, part of our service includes free shipping on orders over $700 — and same-day shipping on all in-stock orders placed before 3 p.m. EST, Monday through Friday. Contact us today to learn more about electric sanders