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Best Types of Electric Sanders for Wood

In general, electrical sanders are your best option compared to pneumatic and other versions. Each type of electric wood sander has its benefits because different types are appropriate for a range of tasks. For example, one may be better at removing paint, while another is ideal for finishes.

Electric sanders for wood are your easiest and quickest option when you need to sand a piece of wood smooth to the touch. Instead of hand sanding, electrical products can make the task less excruciating and can work with many different surfaces. They come in various sizes and types depending on the task at hand and can sand almost any surface.

When working with electric and portable power tools, you should make sure to use the correct type of abrasive and always wear protective gear. Wear a dust mask and safety glasses to protect yourself from flying debris. Even if your electric wood sander produces limited dust or has a vacuum, you can implement safety features to ensure minimal hazards. Always keep your hands away from the sander while it’s running and never apply pressure. The machine may kick back and cause severe damage.

If you purchase a new power sander for woodworking, make sure to follow the manufacturer’s safety guides. Always wear earplugs and avoid sanding near flames, sparks or other dangers. Electrical sanders are more economical and are your best option for a variety of jobs.

Our Line of Wood Sanders

In addition to a complete selection of Mirka discs, rolls, sheets, pads, belts and more, we also carry an entire line of wood sanders for sale, including:

Random Orbital Sanders

Found in most woodworkers’ tool belts, random orbital sanders provide the smoothest of finishes thanks to their versatility and innovative design. The tool’s sanding discs spin and move in an elliptical pattern at the same time, ensuring craftsmen won’t go over the same surface twice. Random orbital sanders are ideal if you’re looking to sand and refinish a hardwood floor.

Because different power tools for woodwork operate for various jobs, random orbital sanders have specific characteristics. They are one of the most versatile portable electric sanders on the market. The sanders have a rounded pad as opposed to a square pad used with orbital sanders. It vibrates and moves in tiny circles, but is also a bit more challenging to control.

With its random pattern of vibration and orbits, the electric sander eliminates gouging and decreases any swirls left behind. Spinning and vibrating at the same time makes it useful for ultra-smooth sanding for stock removal, although a random orbital sander won’t remove wood as quickly compared to a belt sander.

Most tools for sanding wood from National Abrasives have one-handed or palm-grip shaped handles. Some are also available with a barrel or D-handle grip. Our random orbital electrical sanders come with a five or six-inch diameter pad, but five-inch ones are more sufficient. Some also accept peel-and-stick pressure sensitive abrasive discs, while others use hook-and-loop tactics. The PSAs are less expensive, but a hook-and-loop version is faster and easier to change or reuse.

Finishing Sanders

Finishing sanders are also known as orbital finishing sanders. You can also refer to them as quarter-sheet sanders because they use a quarter of a sheet of standard sandpaper. The tools for sanding wood are lightweight for easy use, and you can control the machines with one hand.

If you are using an orbital finishing sander, it’s almost impossible to damage your piece of work. While it’s intended for smooth wood sanding, a finishing sander is not ideal for heavy stock removal. It’s perfect for removing chipped paint, polishing jagged edges and smoothing imperfections. Finishing sanders help woodworkers ensure their completed projects are flush as can be. You can also use them for sanding off wood putty as well as rounding sharp edges.

Orbital sanders vibrate in small circles — or orbits — hance its name. They give you the freedom to sand in any direction, work well in cornering projects and are great for plywood and fine veneers. The sanders have two spring-loaded clamps that hold your sandpaper against the square pad, making sure it doesn’t shift during the process. When you buy an orbital sander with a higher orbit-per-minute rate, it will sand faster, helping you to complete more jobs.

Palm Sanders

As the tool’s name suggests, palm sanders are small by design, fitting in the palm of a woodworker’s hand. Palm sanders provide the precision and control necessary to put finishing touches on all kinds of surfaces in factories, wood shops and more. Palm sanders are ideal for smaller projects such as stripping furniture or sanding drywall and are small and simple to operate.

Self-Generating Vacuum Sanders

When you use a self-generating vacuum sander, you won’t have to worry about ruining your projects thanks to dust that’s gathered on the surface you’re working on. You also won’t have to spend time cleaning up after yourself because the tool does the dirty work for you.

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If you have any questions during your search, please contact our staff right away. We’ll provide friendly, helpful assistance and answer your questions, so you can be well-informed before making any purchasing decisions. We’ll even give you free samples if you need a bit more convincing!

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Hand Held Sanders for Wood at National Abrasives

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